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Even with the ability to pay just about everything online, we all still need to keep a supply of personal checks close at hand. Even Izzy, and her 20s something barn friends, all carry checkbooks. After all, very few barns, trainers, grooms, haulers, braiders and vets accept online payment, at least not yet. Isabelle carries her checkbook to horse shows across the country. And not surprisingly her checks are adorned with images of horses playing.

In case you cannot tell, yes, we are pretty obsessed with these horse lover checks and definitely think you should gift yourself some checks for your birthday, for the holidays, or just because you deserve it!

Please note, the color of these pony and horse lover checks might be muted in order to meet the banking standards for electronic readers and microfilm. Address labels and check book covers are also available!

Just a couple more interesting tidbits. Surprisingly, these personal checks for the horse lover are also less expensive than the ones you would order through your bank and are just as secure! All Checks Unlimited, checks feature Chemical Protection, Erasure Protection and Microprint Signature Line. Similarly, all the other check merchants we feature only sell industry standard safe and secure checks, and they all sell them cheap!

Pony & Horse Lover Checks

Horses Play Personal Checks, horse lover checks

Horses Play Checks  >> The strength, speed, and beauty of horses is conveyed through the magnificent photography that is featured on these checks. 

Playful Horses Personal Checks

Playful Horses

Horses Personal Checks

Horses Personal Checks


Power and Grace Horse Checks

Power & Grace

Scenic Horses Personal Checks

Scenic Horses

Grazing Green Pastures Horse Checks

Grazing Green Pastures

Unbridled Joy Horse Checks

Unbridled Joy

Grazing Horse Personal Checks

Grazing Freedom

Early Morning Horse Personal Checks

Early Morning Horse

Sunrise Horses Personal Checks

Sunrise Horses Personal Checks

Sunset Horses Personal Checks

Sunset Horses

Country Horse Checks

Country Horse Checks

Horse Country Checks

Horse Country Checks

Horse Enthusiast Checks

Horse Enthusiast

Moments of Majesty Horse Checks

Moments of Majesty

Horse Checks

Horse Checks

Wild Horses Checks

Wild Horses Checks

Horses Seeing Eye to Eye Personal Horse Checks

Horses Seeing Eye to Eye Personal Checks

Equine Love Personal Horse Checks

Equine Love

Equus Personal Checks


Horses Portraits

Horse Portraits

A Day at the Races Checks

Horse Racing Personal Checks

Horse Racing

At the Track Horse Racing Personal Checks

At the Track Horse Racing Personal Checks

Running for the Win Horse Racing Personal Checks

Running for the Win

Racing The Ponies Personal Checks

Racing the Ponies

Equestrian Checks

Equestrian Jumping Personal Checks

 Horse  Jumping | Use your own show photos

Equestrian Checks

Equestrian Checks

Cowboy and Rodeo Themed Horse Checks

Life of a Cowboy Personal Checks

Life of a Cowboy

Cowboy Kids and Their Horses Personal Checks

Cowboy Kids

Wild West Horse Checks

Wild West Checks

Wild Horse Round-up Personal Checks

Wild Horse Round-Up

Horse on the Prarie Cowboy Roundup Personal Checks

Horses on the Prairie

Cowboy and Horses Personal Checks

 Horses & Cowboys Personal Checks

Cowboy and Horses Round Up Personal Checks

Cowboy Round Up Personal Checks

Rodeo Games Personal Checks

Rodeo Games

Ropes and Reins Illustrated Horse Personal Checks

Horse Ropes & Reins

Dusty Cowboys and Horses Personal Checks

Dusty Cowboys & Horses

Roundup at Sunset Personal Horse and Cowboy Checks

Roundup at Sunset 

Cowboys and Horses - Just a Day at Work Personal Checks

Cowboys & Horses – A Day at Work

Horses in Silhouette Checks

Horse Silhouette Checks

Horse Silhouette Checks

Twilight Stallions Checks

Twilight Stallions

Horses Checks

Appaloosa Horses Personal Checks

Appaloosa Horses

Arabian Horse Checks

Arabian Horse Checks

Black Stallions Personal Checks

Black Stallion Checks

Award Winning Stallions Personal Checks

Award Winning Stallions Personal Checks

Spanish Mustang Personal Checks

Spanish Mustang Personal Checks

Winget Horse Checks

Winget Horse Checks

Carousel Horse Checks

Riding Fun Checks

Riding Fun Carousel Checks

Carousel Animals Personal Checks

Carousel Animals

Artistic Depictions of Horses on Checks

Kay Smith Horse Checks

Kay Smith Horse Checks 

Evans Horse Checks

Evans Horse Checks

Horse Paintings Personal Checks

Horse Paintings

Native Americans Riding on Horses Artistic Checks

Native Americans Riding on Horses

Painted Ponies Personal Checks

Painted Ponies

Mythical Horse Checks

Pegasus Mythical Flying Horse Personal Checks

Pegasus (Mythical Flying Horse) Checks

Unicorns Personal Checks


Your Horse Checks

How fabulous would it be add pictures of your own beloved horse or even competition photos!

Add a Photo of Your Horse Checks

Add a Photo of Your Horse Checks

As you probably are already aware, the price of checks is a moving target because every day, merchants offer new discounts and deals. Rather than trying to keep up with the daily deluge of deal emails, we have partnered with our favorite check merchants (because we know their checks meet industry security and safety standards) to display their promotions in the deals bar at the bottom of this page. We have made the deals bar extra large so you can quickly and easily scroll through to see today’s best sales.

Get Checks Cheap!

Now that we are in the know, keep checking back as we are now on a mission to find the best of the best address labels & checks for horse lovers.

Heels Down.   Eyes up.  Ride the corners.