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So I just sent Izzy an email – “Better save those horse show ribbons, helmets, & riding boots. If we hold onto them long enough they will be considered vintage and worth a pretty penny.”  Yes, we know we shouldn’t be quite so sarcastic although it will take quite a bit of convincing to make me believe it is worth spending $99 on some old ribbons someone else won back in 1959 (but if you really want some, we have a handful of vintage blue ribbons from Indio and Thermal we would be happy to sell you).  Having said all that there are some fabulous equestrian chic pieces on sale at One Kings Lane this week. This equestrian chic sale includes everything from brass bit & leather cuffs in a multitude of colors to some classic horse prints & pillows. And even we have to admit, the vintage purple velvet riding helmet would look smashing in a young girl’s bedroom or even as part of a horse show set-up.

Equestrian Chic Sale!

Equestrian and Horse Decor and Gifts

 Equestrian & Horse Decor & Gifts

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