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Decorative Horse & Pony Halter Covers

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Well this is a little awkward. We just checked and Capturing Couture is no longer offering decorative horse halter covers. But they are now carrying some pretty great looking dog leashes and camera straps!

Dog Collar

Dog Collar

Some of the camera straps coordinate with the dog collars. And some even have hidden pockets! So cute to wear to horse shows!

Camera Straps

Camera Straps

The only halter covers we were able to find are solid fleece and sherpa covers. Choose handmade halter covers on Etsy

Fleece and Sherpa Halter Tube Covers

Handmade Fleece & Sherpa Halter Covers

Or order commercially available covers through your Amazon account.

Horse Halter Tubes

Horse Halter Tubes


WOW! Look what we found >> horse and pony halter covers! #toocute  We just partnered with Capturing Couture to bring you these great horse halter decorative covers. Halter Covers are the newest accessory in the equestrian world, designed to customize an individual look for your horse, pony or mini, while allowing for easy on-and-off versatility.  They are available in sizes Mini, Pony, and Horse and come in a variety of prints and patterns. Now your four-legged beauty can look as stylish as you look!

Decorative Horse & Pony Halter Covers

Horse Halter Covers

Horse & Pony Halter Covers

Each halter cover set arrives at your door with three panels. Two panels go on the sides of your halter and 1 longer panel goes onto the front of your halter.

Halter Cover Features

  • Premium Nylon Base
  • Decorative Cotton Fabric Interior Lining
  • Quality Brand Velcro with strength up to 17 lbs. per inch.
  • Designer Decorative Ribbon

We like all the halter patterns but even more impressive are the horses wearing them.

Horses Wearing Halter Covers

Horses Wearing Halter Covers

What is your favorite halter cover design?  Leave us a comment. We think these would make unique and treasured birthday and holiday gifts!  Buy one today or outfit the whole barn in matching halter covers so when you go to horse shows, your barn spirit will be immediately apparent!

Heels down. Eyes up. Ride the Corners.

Decorative Horse & Pony Halter Covers The Riding Corner

Summary: Halter covers are the newest accessory in the equestrian world, designed to customize an individual look for your horse or pony while allowing for easy on-and-off versatility.


Halter Covers!

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