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Learn to Paint Beautiful Horses

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For those of you who have not yet heard of Craftsy, it is definitely time! Craftsy is an online studio offering so much more than typical crafting tutorials. From the simplest scarf to the fanciest wedding cake and yes, even beautiful horse paintings, Craftsy sees every creative project as a chance to grow — not just as crafters, but as people. Over the years we have learned to make fun and easy animal cakes that compliment animal theme birthday parties and have even tried our hand at knitting but were taken completely by surprise when we discovered this class entitled the Art of Painting Horses. And of course, we had to share!

This class will teach you how to paint beautiful horses using acrylic or oil paints to capture the grace, power and personality of horses in portrait. Learn how to paint these magnificent animals using simple techniques. And for a limited time, you can Save 50% just by clicking through our links! We double checked and the discount shows up when you go to check out.

We  particularly love the idea inviting your barn friends over for a series of how2 paint beautiful horses parties. Divide the course into two or three segments. And now sweeten the invitation with the promise of wine and nibbles.

Learn to Paint Beautiful Horses

A Step by Step Online Class NOW on Sale for 50% OFF 

The Art of Painting Horses Online Class

The Art of Painting Beautiful Horses >> Class Overview

Find out how to paint horses using easy-to-learn techniques for composition, color, value and texture. With professional artist Andrea Gianchiglia as your guide, you’ll start by learning tips for choosing a reference photo of a beautiful animal and building a compelling composition. Once your composition is clear, Andrea will help you create a monochromatic underpainting of the horse’s features, and add color to the eyes, muzzle and ears. Next, learn how to capture the look of the horse’s sleek coat and mane as well as its hooves. Get tips for recreating the unique colors and markings of a variety of horses, before Andrea helps you paint tack and hardware. Then, discover how to give your portrait a realistic finish with layering, glazes, highlights and final details.

If the video and the 5-star reviews don’t convince your to try this class, these samples of student work certainly will. We are definitely impressed

Learn to Paint Beautiful Horses

Learn to Paint Beautiful Horses on Craftsy!

Heels down. Eyes up. Ride the corners.