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Back to School! My Little Pony Bags & Backpacks

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Still looking for the perfect back to school backpack? Look no further.  Your pony obsessed daughter will fall in love with these My Little Pony bags & backpacks!

Choose from Princess Luna, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie,  DJ Pon3, and Rainbow Flash. #toocute.

Back to School! My Little Pony Bags & Backpacks 

About the My Little Pony BackPacks

Have you seen backpacks lately? they’re just one solid color and they just look like a plain old bag. Boring! These plush backpacks break that mold in the best way possible. They look just like Rainbow Dash, DJ Pon3, and Pinkie Pie!

  • 100% polyester micro fleece and fiberfill stuffing
  • Zipper pocket on belly
  • 24″ tall stuffed pony figure has embroidered eyes, soft-sculpted nose & ears
  • Nylon webbing straps attached to pony’s legs are length-adjustable w/ plastic slides

About the My Little Pony Shoulder Bags 

She’s a little bit shy and quiet, so these My Little Pony Fluttershy & Rainbow Dash Shoulder Bags wanted us to let you know that they would love to go on some adventures with you. They have a nifty shoulder strap and tiny zipper pouch, so you can carry some of your cool stuff on your adventures..

  • 100% polyester fabric and fiberfill stuffing
  • Zipper pouch in pony’s back
  • Length-adjustable webbing shoulder strap
  • Embroidered facial features and cutie mark
  • Officially licensed

Buy an extra My Little Pony bag to keep in the car so you are ready to head to the barn at a moments notice.  Each pony bag can be filled with different things i.e. the pink always carries your barn clothes, the white your wraps, and the yellow is probably large enough to be devoted to just your hair supplies.

Heels down. Eyes up. Ride the corners.