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My Little Pony Party

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Gallop to Ponyville and celebrate your child’s birthday with the My Little Ponies!  We love all the ideas featured in Party Idea Pros My Little Pony party package including their invitations, party decorations, party favors, party food ideas,  parties games and activities and lots and lots of little extras.

Please remember – try to keep the number of children invited to your child’s party limited to the age of your child so if she is 5, invite 5 of her closest friends. If you do choose to invite more – please do not pass out invitations at the barn or at school unless you are inviting everyone!

Browse Birthday in a Box’s My Little Pony Party Supplies and My Little Pony Idea Guide including invitations, decorations, food, party favors and games & activities.  Lots more My Little Pony Party Supplies available on Shindigz!

 Needle and Thread My Little Pony Stamp, My Little Pony PartyMy Little Pony Party Planning & Invitations

What Do I Need For the Party?

In addition to basic party supplies, like plates, cups, napkins, and decorations, you may want to consider purchasing, borrowing or renting the following items for you’re my Little Pony party:

My Little Pony storybooks    My Little Pony storybooks

My Little Pony movies   My Little Pony movies   My Little Pony movies
My Little Pony movies such as My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic: The Friendship Express  
         My Little Pony Walking Talking Pinkie Pie Figure My Little Pony Princess Cadance
My Little Pony toys or play sets
  • A real pony or horse for pony rides

My Little Pony Party Invitations

My Little Pony Invitations    My Little Pony Birthday Party Custom Announcement

Two Brown Horses Girl's Birthday Party Invitation My Little Pony Square invitation

My Little Pony Invitations | My Little Pony Invitation Square 5 | Two Brown Horses Girl’s Birthday Party Invitation

Painted Pony/ Birthday invitationUnicorn Little Pony Birthday Party Invitations

Painted Pony/ Birthday | Unicorn Little Pony Birthday Party Invitations | My Little Pony Invitation Photo Card | | Unicorn Little Pony Birthday Party Invitations

Don’t forget the stamp!

Twinkle Eyed Ponies stampSnuzzle 1 stamp  Princess Celestia Banner stamp

Twinkle Eyed Ponies | Snuzzle 1 | Princess Celestia Banner

Luna stampSundance stampApplejack stamp

Sundance 1 | Luna | Applejack | Needle and Thread

Or get creative when inviting the ponies to the stable with some of these My Little Pony invitation ideas.

  • Attach the party information to the tail of a small My Little Pony doll and hand-deliver the invites.
  • Use a fun rhyme when writing you’re my Little Pony invitations such as:

Gallop to Ponyville as fast as you can,

Abigail’s having a party with all of her friends.

The My Little Ponies are setting the table,

So put on your best and head to the stable!

My Little Pony Decorating Ideas

 Fluttershy Print



My Little Pony Party Decorations

Recreate the magic and vibrancy of Ponyville by filling your venue with My Little Pony balloons and wall graphics and then adding select elements from the featured Party kit.  We can already envision the oohs and aahs when your daughter’s friend see this fabulous Canterlot Castle Standee and Hot Pink Modern Luminescent Columns!

            Hasbro My Little Pony Collection Wall Decal

My Little Pony Fathead Wall Graphic Collection

My Little Pony Friendship Foil Balloon My Little Pony Happy birthday party balloon

My Little Pony Friendship Foil Balloon | My Little Pony Happy birthday party balloon

 My Little Pony Peel Stick Wall Border

My Little Pony Peel Stick Wall Border

My Little Pony Party Kit

My Little PonyemParty Kit

  • Decorate the party area with rainbows, clouds, hearts, butterflies, flowers and other colorful pictures.
  • Use rainbow and white streamers and balloons to add instant color to the tables, chairs and walls. Tie balloons around the waists of My Little Pony figures.
  • Use white craft paper as a table cover. Place crayons on the table to encourage the children to color on the paper.
  • Place silk or inflatable flowers around the room.
  • Place disposable cameras on the party table so guests can take pictures of the event and their friends. Mail each child a photo along with your thank you cards.

My Little Pony Party Food

 Sweeter Than Candy Post Card

In addition to pizza, chicken fingers, hamburgers, or hotdogs, you can add some My Little Pony themed food into the mix. Remember to think about color when arranging your platters. Here are some suggestions.

  • Serve breakfast food instead of lunch or dinner food. Have a cereal bar set up and label it “oats,” label shredded hash browns “hay” and provide a rainbow assortment of fruit juices. You can even add 1 drop of food coloring to a glass of milk to change the color.
  • Bake sugar cookies and use cookie cutters to cut them into the shapes of hearts, stars, horseshoes and, of course, ponies.
  • Make a rainbow punch by filling each child’s cup with lemon lime soda. Then, place a scoop of rainbow sherbet in each cup.
  • Decorate iced cupcakes with Lucky Charms marshmallows and rainbow sprinkles.
  • Arrange veggie and fruit trays by color to form a rainbow platter.
  • Other colorful snacks include rainbow goldfish, My Little Pony fruit snacks and personalized M&Ms sorted by color in separate bowls.

For the cake, you can ask your local grocery store if they have a My Little Pony themed cake or bake a Rainbow Sherbet Cake with our easy recipe. Then, frost a big rainbow across the cake using different colored icing and accent with small My Little Pony dolls.

My Little Pony Party Favor Ideas

 Ponies Rock Post Card

Girls go crazy for tiny treasures they can bring home in their saddle bags. Fill their pouches with My Little Pony favors or some of the following fantastic favors.

  • Stickers, stationary and coloring books
  • Candy or plastic jewelry
  • Small My Little Pony dolls
  • Makeup, fruity lotion and key chains




    My Little Pony Figures       My Little Pony Personalized Candy Jars

My Little Pony Rubber Bracelets | My Little Pony Figures | My Little Pony Candy Jars

My Little Pony Party Planning Toolbox

Use the links below to quickly find related theme party supplies, planning tips, printable checklists, and advice from our party planning experts.

  • My Little Pony Party Supplies: As an alternative to using My Little Pony Party Kits,  Birthday in a Box suggests using solid supplies in a variety of rainbow colors. Includes paperware, invitations, personalized items, favors, and decorations for your party theme.

My Little Pony Friendship Party Supplies

My Little Pony Friendship Party Supplies | My Little Pony Deluxe Party Pack

  • Birthday Party Decorating Ideas: This guide will tell you how to decorate for your party theme, what to do with balloons and streamers, how to decorate with food, how to set the table, and how to make your own party decorations.
  • More Birthday Theme Ideas: Browse our list of over 130 themed party guides to find tips for your child’s next birthday! Each guide includes ideas for invitations, decorations, food, favors, games and more.

The My Little Pony name and all related characters and elements are the property of Hasbro Inc. This guide is not affiliated with or endorsed by Hasbro Inc.

My Little Pony Party Games and Activities

My Little Pony Pinkie Pie 3D Pull Pinata  My Little Pony Friendship Party Game

My Little Pony Pinkie Pie 3D Pull Piñata | My Little Pony Friendship Party Game

Free Personalized Coloring Pages

Just choose a page. Enter your child’s name and print — how simple is that and it’s FREE!!

 Princess Pony Coloring Page   Princess Carriage Coloring Page

Princess Pony Coloring Page | Princess Carriage Coloring Page

My Little Pony Bedding

  My Little Pony Sparkle and Fly Blanket   My Little Pony Comforter
 My Little Pony Comforter   My Little Pony Blanket

New! Unicorn Theme Headboard & Bedding

Courtesy of

Turn a boring kid’s room into a dream room by making your own cheap and chic no fuss unicorn theme headboard .  The hardest part is narrowing down your options and choosing your tile style, design(s),  and color(s).

 2487 Tin Headboard Tile -Playful Unicorns    Tin Headboard Tile Finiish - Amethyst

New! My Little Pony T-Shirts & Clothing

My Little Pony t-Shirts & Clothing My Little Pony T-Shirts & Hoodies

My Little Pony Everything

Heels down. Eyes up. Ride the Corners!

My Little Pony Party The Riding Corner

Summary: Check out this wonderful selection of My Little Pony Party invitations, decorations, favors, food ideas, and games & activities. This may be the perfect birthday party theme for any My Little Pony fan.


My Little Pony!

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