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Published on January 3rd, 2017 | by The Riding Corner


Unique & Fabulous Paper Horse Portraits

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Every once in a while we find something truly unique and feel compelled to share. Today we found these fabulous paper horse portraits on Etsy from one of our wonderfully supportive, and in this case, especially creative Instagram followers, Brittani Rose Paper. Britanni makes custom paper portraits of couples, families, dogs and cats, and yes, horses, too! Here is how Brittani describes her creative process.

 “I really try to connect with my clients and collect as much detail as possible, which is extremely crucial during the design process. I want each piece to truly capture the personality of the couple. Not only do I want to get all the intricate beadwork and lace on the dress correct, but also make sure every freckle is in its given spot, height differences considered, hair properly placed and flowers accurately portrayed. I send a questionnaire to fill out as soon as an order is placed. The beginning stage of creating their portrait is the most crucial part. This is where I gather all the details and collect photos and descriptions of what my clients want to recreate. “

Paper Horse Portraits

Paper Horse Portrait

Paper Horse Portrait 

Paper Portrait of Girls on a Horse

Portrait of Girls on a Horse Made from Paper

Paper Family Farm Portrait

Paper Family Farm Portrait

Heels down. Eyes up. Ride the corners.

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