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Swarovski Crystal Horses

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The two featured horses are Chinese Zodiac horses. Interestingly, in China, a prancing horse is considered a symbol of success and positive thinking. The horse also represents activity and creativity. 

We are obsessed. Horses + Swarovski Crystals! What more can a gal want!!! We love these Swarovski crystal horses.  Clearly, these horse figurines, exquisitely crafted from faceted crystal and unfaceted matt crystal, are collectible art and not meant as toys. In fact Swarovski specifically says they are not suitable for children under 15. But they are beautiful and make stunning birthday and holiday gifts.  We even found a Swarovski Crystal Rocking Horse Ornament for your Christmas tree! Most of these horse figurines have limited availability on Amazon.  If you do not find it there, go directly to Swarovski and search “horse” or “stallion”.

Swarovski Crystal Horses

Swarovski Rocking Horse

Swarovski Rocking Horse (Would these not make an adorable baby shower gift?!)

Swarovski Crystal Rocking Horse Ornament

Swarovski Crystal Rocking Horse Ornament

Swarovski Zodiac Uma the Horse

Swarovski  Zodiac Uma the Horse

Swarovski Stallion

Swarovski  Stallion

If you loving these Swarovski crystal horses but are wanting something a bit more practical rather than strictly a piece of art, consider one of these horse shoe necklaces. The are oh so pretty, basically wearable art!

 Swarovski Towards Horseshoe Necklace     Swarovski Crystal Horseshoe Charm

Swarovski  Towards Horseshoe NecklaceSwarovski  Crystal Horseshoe Charm

Loving all things Swarovski? They offer so much more, all definitely worth exploring!

Heels Down.   Eyes up.  Ride the corners.