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Unicorn Party Inspiration

Unicorn Party Inspiration

FTC Disclosure

OMG! Are these not the cutest unicorn birthday cake toppers and party supplies ever?! We found them on PoshSoiree’s Etsy shop and are now completely obsessed with hosting  a unicorn party.

Unicorn Party Inspiration

Unicorn Cake Toppers & Party Supplies

Unicorn Party Supplies

Magical Unicorn Supplies

A Little About these Unicorn Cake Toppers 

This sparkly sequin glitter cake topper is perfect for your next birthday party cake, or smash cake! The sequin glitter has a high shine that adds so much richness to your pastry. These cake toppers measure 6 inches wide x 7 inches tall. If you would like this in a different color scheme, or would like the color of the ribbon changed, please message Maninder at PoshSoiree.

Unicorn Party Invitations

Remember, as our friends over at always say, invitations are like the title of a paper >> they set the tone for the entire party!

 Magical Unicorn Birthday Party Invitations  Dreamy Unicorn Birthday Party Invitation

Magical Unicorn Birthday  Invitations | Dreamy Unicorn Birthday  Invitation

Unicorn Party Paper Goods

Our latest finds!!!

Magical unicorns and rainbows party supplies

Magical Unicorns and Rainbows Party Supplies

Unicorn Dreams Party Supplies

Unicorn Dreams Party Supplies


These crates with everything you need to host a stunning unicorn party are our new obsession. They cost a bit more but sometimes, we will pay most anything to make our lives easier if the quality is the same or in this case, better! And best yet, no cutting, no pasting, no fussing, no obsessing.

Unicorn Party in a BoxUnicorn Party In a Box

Unicorn Party In a Box

Loving how Yvonne Miller styled this rainbow unicorn treat table!

Unicorn Party Decor

Unicorn Party Favors

Unicorn Party Favor Necklaces

Favors –  Unicorn Necklaces | Not pictured because we just found these >> Inexpensive Unicorn Necklaces


Unicorn Party Games & Activities

Let the kids make their own unicorn masks.  This can double as a party activity and party favor 🙂


Who knew there were so many unicorn pinatas!

Especially For the Birthday Girl (or Baby Shower Gifts)

One more idea! How about asking everyone to bring a unicorn book and presenting them to the birthday gal or soon-to-be-mom in a unicorn tote. We particularly like the featured tote that says “What My Eyes Can’t See, I Read to Believe” from QueenCityFibers!

Rainbow Unicorn Quilt and Bedding

Rainbow Unicorn Quilt and Bedding

Heels down. Eyes up. Ride the corners.