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Playful Yet Elegant Pony Party Supplies

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We were so excited to see the latest pony party post from our friends over at Party Idea {Pros}. We are in complete agreement >> we are obsessed with these pony party supplies by Talking Tables.  We love the pony party plates. We love the cups and napkins.  We adore the cake toppers and garland. But what we love most of all is the tack treat boxes. They are unbelievably versatile. You can use use them as floral centerpieces or fill them with white and pink marshmallows or healthy fruits and vegetables, especially ones that pony’s love like apple and carrot sticks.

These pony party supplies are cute and fun yet elegant! Talking Tables Pony Party coordinating supplies are an ideal addition to any pony party. With multiple patterns and designs complimenting one another including a charming pink floral and an elegant cream color horse shoe design, it is easy to mix and match these party decorations to create a playful child’s celebration or an enchanting baby shower or even bridal shower for the soon to be wed equestrian. Clearly, perfect for horse and pony enthusiasts of all ages, these pony party supplies are definitely not a one trick pony!

Pony Party Supplies

Ow wow – look what else they found for the birthday girl to wear to her pony party. How fun would it be to pair one of these tutus with little pink cowboy boots! #toocute

 Golden Horse Birthday Party Tutu   Shabby Chic Horseshoe Tutu

Golden Horse Birthday Party Tutu | Shabby Chic Horseshoe Tutu | More Horse Tutus

Not quite a pony party but these unicorn party supplies truly are magical!

Magical unicorns and rainbows party supplies

Magical Unicorns and Rainbows Party Supplies | More Unicorn Party Inspiration

Unicorn Dreams Party Supplies

Unicorn Dreams Party Supplies | More Unicorn Party Inspiration

You can fine lots more horse and pony party inspiration on Party Idea {Pros} and right here on The Riding Corner

Party Hearty!